Authentic Lifter Plate Print Ladies Tank- Small


Product Code: BM-AL-LT-PP-S

Manufacturer: Body Mechanix


The Body Mechanix brand was founded in 2006 and since then has evolved into an iconic apparel company within the Australian fitness and CrossFit community.

Early on, the Body Mechanix team discovered a need within the fitness industry for athletic apparel which could stand the rigour of intense daily training and meet the demands of skilled athletes. In conjunction with an American manufacturer, Body Mechanix has developed a range of products which has not only been a great success in the gym but also outside of the gym. Who ever thought your favourite training shirt could go with your favourite pair of jeans?!

Our tried and tested garments are worn daily by Athletes, Military, Fire and Police personnel both in Australia and throughout the world.


Authentic Lifter Plate Print ladies tank Purple / Pink