JME - Tall Stand Alone Rig


Product Code: JME - TSAR

Manufacturer: JME - Just Maximum Effort

Australian Made

4 x 75mm x 75mm x 3mm SHS Steel Uprights (3.50m Long)

1 x 33mm Dia Chin Bar (Skinny & Triangle) 1800mm Long

1 x 33mm Dia, 42mm Dia (Skinny / Fat) 1800mm Long

2 x 33mm Dia, 42mm Dia (Skinny / Fat) 1100mm Short

2 x Pairs of J Hooks

Black Painted Finish

Comes with bolts.

You need to supply your own fixing bolts for fixing unit to ground.

UNIT MUST BE FIXED TO GROUND. We suggest you use a professional installer.